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Jo Mercer Msc CPFA BA

Since setting up Ascent Ltd at the start of 2004 I have worked with large and medium sized financial services organisations. My work with these clients has included the design, planning and delivery of functional reorganisations, conducting research to develop talent management activities and the design and facilitation of a range of team interventions.

In addition to my work with these clients I have completed an MSc in People and Organisational Development with the Roffey Park Institute and I am currently forming an OD Network to support my ongoing learning and research.

I also have 10 years experience working as a Finance professional in both Private Practice and Industry. Through this, I experienced significant industry, organisational and personal change and these experiences have heavily influenced the development of my career into OD.

Along with the technical and commercial skill set I developed in this time I demonstrated exceptional people development and communication skills as well as exhibiting a strong leadership style and the ability to think strategically and systemically through major organisational change.

Why People and Organisational Development?

My experiences of organisational change and my ability to work with it in a systemic way were key to my decision to start a career in OD.

I believe that there are many definitions of OD (none of which are definitive) but that these definitions often say more about the practitioner than the practice itself! With that in mind my definition is:

“OD is about working with organisations to understand change from a systemic perspective and supporting the delivery of change to achieve desired results in a humanistic way.”

The systemic perspective is particularly important to me and the way I work because I do not see OD as exclusively about large scale interventions to effect organisational change: Organisational potential is locked in individuals and teams as well as in the organisation itself.

I believe that I can effect change at whatever level I engage at in an organisation. From a values perspective my strong commercial background gives me a real appreciation of the need to realise business benefit alongside the need to deliver in a humanistic way.